Kult Records and Harvey Champagne are having a baby! 2

Hello Cookies!, We are proud to announce that Harvey Champagne has signed a deal to release a single with Kult Records entitled,”I’m Walking Away.” You may have heard the first version here on the website or may have seen him perform it around NYC under the name “Alone Again.” Well Kult Records […]

Mr. Champagne on Facebook!

Hello Folks and Blokes, We know you’ve been sitting here in deep thought wondering if Harvey Champagne is on Facebook. Well, we’re gonna make it easy and answer your question and take it even further up the ladder…YES! and following is a link to his page so you can stay updated and connect with him via Facebook. […]

Free Song Y’all!!!

Attention Humans and Bitches!, We are giving you an exclusive free download of Harvey Champagne’s “Die 4U!” It’s his latest cover modernized to retro-dance perfection by Producer/Remixer B.Alex. You’ve heard him perform it, and now a studio recording is available for your listening pleasure. You can download the single by clicking the link below or in the ‘Music’ tab […]