Behind the scenes at the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Try” Video shoot!!!

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Bonjour Bubblies!

We got our paws on some behind the scenes shots of our beloved Mr. Bubbly shooting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Try” music video directed by award winning filmmaker Simon G. Mueller. Wanna see more?!?!………..scroll down.

-Team Harvey.

p.s. before you dive in, if you want more info on the Simon G. Mueller and the Fatalis Partnership check out or check out his latest film “Fatalis” at

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Hello Bubblies!

Our favorite mister…Harvey Champagne was featured on thriving fashion blog Chloe Loves Charlie by contributor Alexandra Clarke! Enjoy…


For further indulgence in this fashionably decadent blog go to ChloeLovesCharlie or to check out the blog post about our beloved Mr. Bubbly go to Swag Spy and check it out!!!

-Team Harvey.

Champagne Live!!!

Hola Bubblies,

Our beloved Harvey Champagne performed alongside many other great artists in celebration of the “My Hiding Place” music video premiere…check it oooooooouuuuuut!

Performing “My Hiding Place”

Performing “You’re Not The One/Tell Me (Groove Theory Cover)”

Performing “Me No More (The Bondage)-Acapella

Pix from The Set NYC/Talent and Skills show!!!

Hello Bubblies!

Monsieur Champagne graced the stage last night with your top three faves from “Radio in a Plastic Bag” and him also had the honor of hosting the second show for the night!!! We know how obsessed y’all get, so here’s some performance photos from Champagne’s performance…Enjoy!

-Team Harvey.

Check out The Set NYC at…

and Talent and Skills at…

Photos courtesy of Joy Conz and Tim Shih (The Set NYC)

Radio in a Plastic Bag album listening party!!!

Hello Bubblies,

We know it’s a little late and you’ve been waiting but we wouldn’t be The Lover’s Champagne if we didn’t keep you at the edge of your seat. We got some awesome photos and a lil video from Mister Champagne’s Radio in a Plastic Bag album listening party for you all to feast on so without further ado…Bon Apetit!!!

-Team Harvey

Moment of silence please!!!

Hello My Lovely Bubblies,

I just wanted to take a brief moment to show a little gratitude because there were so many vital people, places and things that contributed to the completion of Radio in a Plastic Bag, it’s inspiration and it’s reward…

Harvey Champagne on the 2Chix1Mic Radio show!!!

Attention Bubbly Ladies, Gentleman, Queens, and everything in between…

Harvey Champagne will spotlight as a guest on the 2Chix1Mic Radio show on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow night at 9pm, it’s their annual pride show and they’ll be proudly talking all things pride!!! Click the link to tune in Wednesday, June 13th at 9pm…be there or be square!


Download “You”!!!

Hello Bubblies,

If you didn’t get the chance to download “You.” from the Rhythms in Colour Blue mixtape, we posted it for you to download free!!! So get on the bubbly love machine and download it today!!! Click the link below for your copy!

You. (596)

Freeeeeeee Download!!!

Bubbly Ladies, Ladyboys, and Gentleman…

We are priveleged to release Champagne’s single, “Away (Don’t Be Rude)” from the Radio in a Plastic Bag project AND we are giving it to you as a FREEEEEEEE DOWNLOAD!!! OMG I know right?! Okay shut up. This song is just as new to our ears as yours, actually the word on the dance floor is, and Mr. C quoted verbatim, “This time around, the goal to keep the songs completely unheard by anyone except for those in The Bubble Maker” [b.k.a.the studio] helping to create the magic…no, like seriously though not even my shadow is allowed to hear the songs” Well then I guess Mr. Stingy Champagne had a lil’ change of heart for his lovely bubblies…

Anyways, enough of the storytelling, click the titled link below and put on your shades ’cause you’re gonna dance real smooth to this one!

Bon Apetit Little Bubblies…Away (Don't Be Rude) (559)

-Team Santa (a.k.a. Team Harvey)


Hello My Bubblies,

I need everyone to please please please take a moment to watch this video and share it on all your social networks. We all don’t know the impact such a small action can make until we actually take the initiative and put forth the effort to give just a little. You’ve really got to ask yourselves, “How can you expect to see change if you’re not contributing to make change happen?” And, that’s within ourselves, in our immediate environments, or in the world…it’s all connected.

Love and Love,

Harvey Champagne.



“Walking Away” featured yet again!!!

Hey Bubblies!,

We are pleased to congratulate our beloved Mr. Bubbly! His single “Walking Away” was featured on yet another compilation LP! That’s three compilations to date!!! The song was crowned an anthem and joined the “Oh No You Didn’t” music collection…and we all know the song does capture that “Oh No You Didn’t!” essence! So with that said if you havent purchased your copy of the single yet pick a compilation and get to it lovers…

(All albums are available on iTunes as well as Amazon)

"Everything tastes better with Champagne!"