A word from Harvey Champagne

Hello Champs!

It’s been quite a long time if I must say so myself. After the release of Radio in a Plastic Bag, I decided to take some time to live, experience, hurt, smile, laugh and write. I didn’t think it would take quite this long but believe me y’all it was definitely necessary and I’m still going. However, let me take this time to announce personally that I decided that after the new year I will begin formulating my next project but I will be taking my time to make it perfect for y’all. I have written a ton over the past couple of years as I’ve experienced and grown. I’ve had a lot of love and even more love lost. I have had to search for my soul again. I’ve had to find out who I am, and who I want to be. It’s been quite a journey and I hope as I start this new project that I can convey all of that into the music for y’all. Until then, I love you Champs and I’ll see you soon.

With love,



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