Harvey’s Top 14 of 2014!!!


Hello Bubblies!

I’m back with my top 14 favorite songs for 2014 and also what will be on my NYE playlist in days to come. You don’t even have to tell me, I already know that you were jamming out to my #2 song like I have been all year whether you want to admit it or not! Sadly, It’s time for my #1 song out of my top 14 songs of the entire year of 2014!

This next band has never ever ceased to amaze me. Everytime they come out with something they come hard but something about this song had me at “hello.” This song is definitely going down in my book of classics. It carries a blues about it that I personally connect with. I may even perform an acoustic version of this at my next show. SO no more blabbering on here’s my #1 song of 2014 “Counting Stars” by One Republic…Watch below…

Make sure you add this song to your own NYE playlist and any other lists you see fit!

If you enjoyed following my top 14 of 2014 you can re-live it and then some by going on Spotify and searching “Harvey’s 2014 Mixtape” and on that playlist you will find all 14 of the songs I shared with you over the past few days and also a lot of other songs I’ve been jamming out to throughout the year that didn’t make the list unfortunately but are equally as awesome…

Also don’t forget to check out my new single “Regualar Bitch ft. Spade” which is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play!!!

Have an amazing New Year’s Eve Bubblies, party like a rockstar, but don’t drink and drive!!!

Love Always,

-Harvey Champagne

Disclaimer: These songs were ranked by rotation on my personal devices. I have in no way ranked them by talent or in any artistic manner. None of the artists mentioned nor Spotify are affiliated with any of these posts.

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