Harvey’s Top 14 Of 2014!!!


Hello Bubblies!

I’m back with my top 14 favorite songs for 2014 and also what will be on my NYE playlist in days to come. If you didn’t already know yesterday’s five I hope you got a chance to check them out!

It’s no surprise that one of my most favorite things to do is sing. This next group of songs you would have found me singing along to anywhere from the shower to next to the jukebox at my local bar and everywhere in between. It’s actually been a while since we heard soul and music that we can feel and sing along to, and this year we got blessed with a lot of great music. However, this year marked a “well-worth-the-wait” return for each of these five artists…

#9.) “Regular Bitch ft. Spade”- Harvey Champagne
#8.) “Still Into You”- Paramore
#7.) “Only 1”- Ariana Grande
#6.) “Chandelier”- Sia

And last for today but never least…

#5.) “Therapy”- Mary J. Blige

Make sure you check out these songs and add them to your own NYE playlist. I’ll be returning tomorrow with the next two of my top 14 songs of 2014!

-Harvey Champagne

Disclaimer: These songs were ranked by rotation on my personal devices. I have in no way ranked them by talent or in any artistic manner.

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