Harvey Champagne, born Harvey Van Chapman, was raised in the brazen southern town of Jacksonville, North Carolina. At the threshold of his adulthood he was uprooted to Boston, Massachussetts and uprooted again to Seattle, Washington before finally landing his home in New York City. He is a classically trained Musician, Dancer, Poet, Songwriter, Vocalist and soon-to-be Author. Harvey grew up under the mainstream influence of Blues, R&B/Soul and Classic Rock appreciating it early on and soon after adapting it into his very own. Growing up as musician, dancer and poet, Harvey was self-concious and reluctant in his youth to pursue his vocal and songwriting capabilities which was all very new to him. At the age of eighteen, he was introduced to vocal trainer and producer Margo Thunder (Lead vocalist of 9.9 and Lady Soul) with whom he worked with for several years building himself vocally and as a songwriter to become as raw and powerful as he is today. Harvey released his first single “Walking Away” via Kult Records which was co-produced and composed by heavy hitting European producer MIDOUT and featured on three compilation albums to date. Harvey has more recently released his pop variety-inspired solo debut EP entitled “Radio in a Plastic Bag,” all while flexing his writing skill for other artists. Harvey quotes,” I forcefully carry my heart on my sleeve, and there’s a reason. I need to feel what I’m writing and be able to write what I feel, and that’s really all there is to it. One day…more people will know exactly what I’m talking about…” Harvey’s distinct voice and relative words are real, raw, and will draw you into emotion.