Download “You”!!!

Hello Bubblies,

If you didn’t get the chance to download “You.” from the Rhythms in Colour Blue mixtape, we posted it for you to download free!!! So get on the bubbly love machine and download it today!!! Click the link below for your copy!

You. (903)

Freeeeeeee Download!!!

Bubbly Ladies, Ladyboys, and Gentleman…

We are priveleged to release Champagne’s single, “Away (Don’t Be Rude)” from the Radio in a Plastic Bag project AND we are giving it to you as a FREEEEEEEE DOWNLOAD!!! OMG I know right?! Okay shut up. This song is just as new to our ears as yours, actually the word on the dance floor is, and Mr. C quoted verbatim, “This time around, the goal to keep the songs completely unheard by anyone except for those in The Bubble Maker” [b.k.a.the studio] helping to create the magic…no, like seriously though not even my shadow is allowed to hear the songs” Well then I guess Mr. Stingy Champagne had a lil’ change of heart for his lovely bubblies…

Anyways, enough of the storytelling, click the titled link below and put on your shades ’cause you’re gonna dance real smooth to this one!

Bon Apetit Little Bubblies…Away (Don't Be Rude) (905)

-Team Santa (a.k.a. Team Harvey)