A letter from Harvey Champagne


Hey Y’all,

I just wanted to let you guys know what the current goings on are. I’m putting together a little mixtape of a lot of my past R&B songs for your listening pleasure as we all know I’ve been leaning heavily into a Pop direction. It will be entitled,”Rhythms in the Colour Blue,” and I will be soon selling it here on the store for the site. Some of the songs you may have heard already and have been searchable/able to listen to on other sites. However, I’m providing them for you so that you can own them for yourselves rather than just listening to them via any other website. Ill keep you updated as the time goes by but until then there are two tracks from each project posted here in the music tab for your enjoyment and to give you a little taste of what’s to come…Remember who my bitches are…


Harvey Champagne.

The name of the upcoming LP has been revealed!

Hello Lovers,

After gaining knowledge that Mr. Champagne was working on a full LP, there was a vast growing curiosity about the name of the album. So succeeding all the horrible suspense he has told us the title and given the go ahead on releasing the name to all of you sweet babies!!!…::cue drum roll::

So the name of Harvey Champagne’s current solo debut album will be…………

“Radio in a Plastic Bag”

Tell us what you think…the team already loves it! We wanna know where he came up with the name now =-)

-Team Harvey.